Single Room Comfort

Hi-Wall heat pumps are mounted high on the wall and effective for heating or cooling a single room.

Heat pumps for heating, cooling and drying

A heat pump is the most efficient way to heat, cool and dehumidify your home because it does not use electricity to generate heat. In winter it extracts ‘free’ heat from the outside air and transfers it inside your home to warm it. During the summer months this process is reversed and the hot air inside, is pumped outside, cooling your home. Heat pumps are quiet and safe to run, keep your home dry and you healthier by filtering the air to remove dirt, dust and humidity.  

Which type of heat pump
is right for you?

Did you know

Every 1kW of power consumed gives you 3-4kW of heat (Spend $1 and get up to $4 worth of energy)

Heating for winter and cooling for summer means that you can use your appliance all year round. 

Most models have timers that allow the unit to switch off or on at a desired time. 7-day timers are also available for different settings on different days.

Fujitsu heat pumps filter dust so efficiently they are approved by the NZ Asthma foundation.

Most models use R410A refrigerant gas which is environmentally friendly and highly efficient.

Energy Saving & Performance tips

Ensure all doors and windows are closed when the heat pump is on
Turning the unit to a higher or lower setting will not make it heat or cool faster, this will only waste energy.

Don’t let the heat build up and then try to cool the room quickly. It is more efficient to start the unit earlier in the day and let it cool gradually and maintain the temperature.

If cold weather is forecast, set the timer to bring the room up to temperature earlier in the day, as the cold temperature outside can mean the unit can take longer to filter warm air inside. 

Keep the area in front of the unit clear to allow good air flow.

Clean the filter monthly to ensure your unit works to its highest ability and maintains efficiency. Schedule an annual [servicing] of your heat pump to ensure it is working at optimal capacity all year round.